From time to time our pack gets to save some lives. Everyone in our team gets to experience what it is like to rescue an animal in need. Sometimes we get a phone call and sometimes one is dropped off to us. We are not an official rescue, but we still try to make an impact. 

To your right are some success stories!

Please consider making a donation to our efforts. We do all we can to give the animals proper care before finding them a
fur-ever home. 
All donations go directly to helping pay for vet bills and various other needs.


~ Success Stories ~

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Lady Odette
Adopted out May 2014

"This little wolfdog right here has been in our lives for 3 years now. It feels like forever though. She is the best rescue I've ever been party to. We've had some really rough goes with rescued animals & of course I was hesitant to take her. But, when I heard Sita 's voice as she spoke about Lady Odette, I just knew that this pup was ours..."

Full Story Here
Adopted out Feb. 2017

Boulder went to a home with a slew of bunnies and chickens.
Adopted out Nov. 2013

Originally from the reputable breeder, Thumper's Wolves, Shila came from a abuse situation and Tamira gave me a call to ask if I could find her a healthier home. She has since moved to the East Bay to live as a princess with my aunt and uncle plus a shepherd who adores her. I see her regularly and groom her.
Lady Macbeth
Adopted out Feb. 2014

Lady Macbeth, now known as Lady, is now a spoiled chin and enjoys her dust bathes around her mom and dad.
Adopted out Jan. 2015

...January 7th, 2015, Serabi came home for the first time. Since then she has proven to be the most important part of my life...

Full Story Here
Adopted out July 2015

Lilo, formally Carrots, has free reign of her dad's bedroom and is very opinionated about her lifestyle. She even has a little bunny bed that she has to check under for monsters.
Adopted out March 2015

This guy went to a home of reptile lovers and his lack of a tail doesn't bother him one bit.
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Meet Balto

In January, 2017, we rescued Balto from being euthanized at the San Jose animal shelter. Immediately we put him on arthritis medication, but his pain became increasingly worse. He had many intensive vet visits as well as trips to the ER after he started screaming from the pain and couldn't stand up on his own. Later, he went in for an MRI and more tests. He was put to rest 4/10/17, but we are still paying off the vet bills that exceeded $5,000. Click the link below to view his Go Fund Me page.

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