This little wolfdog right here has been in our lives for 3 years now. It feels like forever though. She is the best rescue I've ever been party to. We've had some really rough goes with rescued animals & of course I was hesitant to take her. But, when I heard Sita 's voice as she spoke about Lady Odette, I just knew that this pup was ours. If ever she's got a dog that needs placement, I know without a doubt that it's a real family member she's offering. Sita-Marie can take a dog from a crazed little Wolf that would kill you for a chicken leg to this insatiable ball of fur that cares so much for our family that she taught herself to read my blood pressure & taught me to recognize her warning that something is wrong. Then she observed that sitting me down fixed the problem. Seeing her try to sit me down is hilarious, by the way, she goes to great lengths! She watches over the kids patiently. She would never, ever hurt one of them because she sees them as her kids too. Lady O has raised 2 puppies for us, showed them the ropes, established her role as their leader, taught them that size does not matter because if those pups get out of line she's fast & agile enough to eat their throats before they even knew she was coming for them. That sounds brutal but that's dog talk. She was taken from her mother way too young & because of this she is on the small side for a wolfdog... But it seems to not matter to her. She can & will boss the 110lb Ridgebacks around to keep them in line because (aside from the extra side of Jason Jr 's bed) that's her place in our family & she takes it seriously. 


If ever Sita is offering a rescue she's worked with, take it. She speaks canine & knows exactly what they need to become the best version of themselves. Happy Adoptaversary, Sita. And again, thank you! 

Lady Odette

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